MUGASHIBI was born in Japan.

The brand name "MUGASHIBI" has meanings such as glad to have a wish came true, celebration, pleasant, and happy.

Our mission is "Have a positive effect on many people" and we put passion and positive messages into our products.

We hope that information and products will improve your daily life.

Our Policy

  • Don't design for a negative meaning
    Hemorrhoid, poop, every day is hell, self-loathing. These are the Japanese translations that were actually printed on the clothes of foreigners . We do not use any negative connotations in the text, images or illustrations of our products.
  • Explain the design
    Basically, We design with Japanese text, We will definitely explain what the product design means.
  • No mass disposal and mass sales
    Print for each order, so no product is disposed. We do not accept mass orders, as it is intended to be sold to individuals.
  • Make a donation
    We are currently donating $0.5 daily at ShereTheMeal. In the future, we will donate based on sales.

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